There’s nothing better than bringing a group together over food and drink, no matter the occasion. However, for many of us, hosting a private party can feel like a lot of pressure, even if it’s just a small gathering. Once you dive into the details of what all goes into even a modest event, it’s clear why people choose to hire event planners for these things. Let Sarah help you successfully organize and host a fabulous event that you too will be able to enjoy!!

Dinner Party
Surprise Proposal
Patio party
Date night
Grand Opening
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Wedding planning services are for couples who are busy, full-time professionals with little to no extra time to devote to planning. The purpose is to assist and guide you through the entire wedding planning process. Whether Sarah comes in from the beginning or halfway through she will help you select the most professional vendors, go through every detail, act as the point of person, keep everything organized, make sure nothing is forgotten, allowing you to enjoy your special day. Wedding planners are quite helpful and are often considered invaluable. Let Sarah help make certain that your wedding day is properly executed and goes off without a hitch!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
  • 12 months Unlimited Email & Text with Sarah
  • Monthly Consult with Sarah
  • Full Access to Vendor Contact Lists
  • Vendor POC Includes Day-of Coordination
  • Custom Welcome Wedding Sign
  • Timeline x2
  • Full Set Up & Tear Down
Eat, Drink, & Be Married
  • 6 months Unlimited Email & Text with Sarah
  • Monthly Consult with Sarah
  • Vendor POC Includes Day-Of Coordination
  • Timeline
  • Partial Set Up & Partial Tear Down
Tie The Knot
  • 1 month Unlimited Email & Text with Sarah
  • Initial Consult
  • Vendor POC Day-Of Only
  • Partial Set Up & Partial Clean Up
Get Hitched
  • 8 hours Of Service Day-Of
  • Vendor POC
  • Guest Flow Management
  • Queue Bridal Party For Ceremony
  • Cleanliness and Event Upkeep
  • Partial Set Up & Clean Up
Popular Wedding Add-on Events
Bridal Shower
Rehearsal Dinner
Bachelorette Party
Farewell Brunch
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Nature is Sarah’s strongest inspiration when designing especially when creating with flowers. She notices the color palettes that just work so well together and the way the flowers naturally move. From lavishly styled bouquets, centerpieces, to boutonnieres, wristlets, and floral crowns Sarah sources the freshest, most pristine blooms available from local farms to ensure the highest quality of product for your event or wedding. Would you rather go the artificial route? With collective experience designing with both, Sarah is able to provide a variety of design styles to best suit all your design preferences.

Floral Crown
Floral Hair Comb
Bridal Bouquet
Ceremony Arch Floral Arrangement
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